Oprah Winfrey surprised the Maui Humane Society with a visit to thank the organization for evacuating animals during a forest fire, a report said.

oprah Winfrey is a part-time resident of Maui who visited the company briefly on Saturday, thanking a volunteer and taking a photo outside with the organization’s sign, The Maui News reported Saturday.

Oprah Winfrey is a partisan company, said Nancy Willis, the company’s director of community development and outreach.

“We are grateful and grateful that she has recognized the hard work of the community,” Willis said.

More than 200 animals were evacuated on Thursday, following a brush fire started in Maui south of the area, very close to the Humans, from the Construction Company in Puunene before going farther south, said officials.

oprah Winfrey posted the picture of herself safe on social media and included a hashtag for the company, as well as Maui, police and firefighters.

“Everyone is safe, including all animals,” Winfrey wrote. “Thank you for your service. “

Oprah Winfrey also gave permission, Thursday, for emergency officials to use a private road on her property, if it was necessary to evacuate residents and visitors.

Maui resident Jack Moussally sent a message on Twitter for Winfrey asking him to “think about opening the ranch out of the way so we can get the province. “

“Hi Jack. Access to the road was given to county officials immediately, “Winfrey replied. “It has been many hours. Hoping for the safety of all. “

Winfrey on the road in the end was not used, Maui County spokesman Chris Sugidono said.