The prison is a dangerous place for someone like Bill Cosby. That is what OJ Simpson said on Wednesday for TMZ cameras. The former prison customer thinks that Cosby should have been given house arrest instead of cell punishment.


“The problem lies in the nature of his crime,” said OJ, who was detained for a robbery in Las Vegas for nine years. “Rapists do not do well in prison.”

The former athlete does not have much confidence in the security behind bars. “They probably have people who have to protect him, but only one madman is needed.”


The former actor, who was acquitted in 1995 for the murder of his wife and a friend, does not think the prison system is waiting for the extra work that a prominent criminal like Cosby brings. “With his health and age and what he has done, there is no custodian in this country who is awaiting that responsibility, they should let him serve his sentence under house arrest.”