At the center of the upcoming TV show will be The Continental Hotel, the headquarters of killers from around the world.

Starz President and CEO Jeffrey Hirsch in an official statement confirmed that the series from the John Wick universe called The Continental is under active development. It is reported that the premiere of the television show will take place after the release of the fourth part of “John Wick”, which is scheduled for May 21, 2021. Speaking at the next congress of the Association of Television Critics, Hirsch said:

Yesterday we had a meeting at which this issue was discussed. We have a group of good screenwriters, and we will try to implement this project at the right time so that it does not overlap with the feature films of the franchise. Our series will be aired some time after the premiere of the fourth picture.

Last summer, Hirsch also revealed that The Continental will reveal the background of the hotel, which serves as a refuge for hired killers from the main line of films.

Starz, using the support of the Lionsgate studio, took up the development of the series back in 2018. Chris Collins, who had previously worked on John Wick 3, was appointed the showrunner and lead screenwriter for the project. The Continental’s creative team also includes Basil Ivanik, Derek Colstad, David Litch and Chad Stahelsky, who will direct the debut episode. Finally, Keanu Reeves should be one of the executive producers.