Sex scenes in movies and series are increasingly being discussed and there are actors who refuse them. Nicole Kidman thinks those kinds of scenes are important to the story. she says in Harper’s Bazaar .

“I don’t just do them, but if there is a reason for it. I have always said that sex is an important part of the connection between people. Then you have to show it on the screen,” said the 54-year-old actress in conversation with the magazine.

Kidman believes it is important to keep challenging herself and always looks for something that will chafe or cause discomfort when choosing her roles. “I never want to do something I’ve already done.”

Sometimes the 54-year-old actress chooses roles that affect her family. Kidman does method acting: adopting habits and ways of a character to get into the role. That can mean that her husband and two daughters sometimes suddenly have to deal with a completely different person.

“As an artist you often think: I don’t care what it costs me as a person, I trust my artistic mind,” Kidman said. “You have to ask yourself: to what extent does this clash or does it go hand in hand with my family and the other people in my life? What does it cost them and what does it cost me? How important is this artistic part?” adds good talking to her kids about those choices. “I always tell them: this has consequences, I will be emotional and react differently.”