The documentary ‘This Is Paris’, which was launched this week on the Paris Hilton (39) YouTube channel, deeply touched Paris’ younger sister Nicky Hilton. In an interview with E! News informed Nicky “it was all very emotional.”

“It was very intense to see”

“It was very intense to see when we first saw the docu. Paris actually didn’t even want to show the film to our mother, so she and I did that together at first. Ultimately, the whole world gets Paris.” documentary and therefore also mama “, says Nicky.

She continues: “We laughed, we cried, everything. I am so very proud of her, that she endured such a severe trauma and relived it again while the whole world is watching. I think that is really very brave.”

Paris says in her documentary that she was both mentally and physically abused during her time at the Provo Canyon School boarding school. This has resulted in the Hilton scion still struggling with recurring nightmares and insomnia every night. Also, because of the physical violence at the school in question, she has taught herself that violence is ‘normal’. “I’ve had several relationships in which I was beaten, kicked or belittled. I thought that was part of a relationship because I didn’t know any better and wanted so badly to receive love,” Paris said in her documentary.

Hilton now says he feels ‘liberated and powerful’. Sister Nicky says the whole family is behind her. “It’s so brave what Paris has done and after the document has been released, we as a family have received so many messages from people who have endured the same thing. Paris is no longer alone, but more importantly that she has started a movement. which makes others talk too. “