Will the long-awaited PvP mode eventually arrive? Niantic promises that it’s in development!

Pokémon Go is less successful than it was in the summer of 2016. And yet, the app still federates players with big updates and the addition of new creatures. And today, it is a highly anticipated mode that is being talked about again. A mode that had already landed in 2017 but was totally forgotten in favor of other features. This is obviously PvP allowing players to face their respective pokémons. A welcome addition when we know that the principle of the Nintendo license is based on this system of clashes between friends.

A PvP expected for a while

It’s with the Gram magazine that Niantic, developer of Pokémon Go, spoke about the PvP mode expected for a long time. The studio would work on this function in order to reinforce the dynamism of the game – especially its social links. Because Pokémon Go sees its success based on the contacts that players can create, especially thanks to augmented reality. And for good reason: it “pushes” the players out to be able to capture creatures. Note that the trading system will also be fine-tuned by Niantic.

Hopefully, Niantic will keep its promises. This is not the first time the studio promises some new features for Pokémon Go that do not happen. The PvP function has been waiting for months, while the exchanges have taken so long to land. The basic features of a Pokémon game may not have been Niantic’s priority at the release of the app in the summer of 2016.