Princess Diana

A new documentary about Princess Diana, called ‘The Princess’, will be released on June 30. It will be nearly 25 years since the Princess of Wales passed away.

The documentary is directed by Ed Perkins ( Black Sheep ) and produced by Simon Chinn ( Man on Wire ).

Perkins can still remember the moment he heard the news, the director tells The Guardian . Many adults flocked to Buckingham Palace, he says, “publicly crying as if they had lost a family member. I was eleven and very, very confused.’

Chinn was less eager to participate in the documentary, the newspaper reports, until he saw that history “repeated itself” with Meghan Markle. She resigned from her royal duties with Prince Harry and moved to the United States with him.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997 in a car accident. It is not yet clear when The Princess can be seen in the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, the film will be released on June 30.