This is a new feature that will join the many others of Netflix: the platform will offer vertical videos.

When you want to watch a video on your smartphone, it is much easier to turn it vertically to make the most of the display. Still, Netflix seems to want to rely on vertical display for its mobile applications. A vertical display that is reminiscent of stories on Instagram or Snapchat!

A vertical format for videos on the homepage

It was during an event dedicated to the USA that Netflix made many revelations about its upcoming changes. The streaming platform has unveiled its strategy for greater use of smartphones – most users turning to the computer or television – as offline videos. But one of the other functions on which the giant is going to bet is none other than vertical video in Instagram or Snapchat stories. For now, only the mobile app’s homepage will feature content in this exclusive format. It remains to be seen whether Netflix, always eager for new productions, will not try to offer original series or films based on the verticality of a telephone screen. It’s a safe bet that yes …