The show was developed by the creators of the “Paper House”.

Streaming service Netflix has released a trailer for the new crime series Sky Rojo. The show was designed by Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, creators of the Spanish hit Paper House. Their new project will be full of crime, pursuits and vivid action scenes. Netflix has already renewed sky Rojo for a second season.

The series will tell about Coral (Veronica Sanchez), Wendy (Lali Esposito) and Gina (Yani Prado). While defending themselves, the nightclub workers accidentally kill a visitor, which leads to the inevitable escape from the pimp Romeo (Asier Echeandia). The girls will be chased by criminals, and they will have to fight for their own freedom, because the corrupt police will not side with them. On their way, girlfriends will face criminal intrigue, violence and constant struggle for life.

“Sky Rojo” can be called the “spiritual heir” of the “Paper House”. The creators announced that the fifth season will be the last for this show. Both series tell action-packed crime stories that keep the viewer on their toes.

The release of eight episodes of the first season will take place on March 19 on Netflix.