It’s not easy to be a star every day when you’re approached by people who say they’re hitmen seen in the movies … That’s what happened to Natalie Portman: mother of two she has taken steps to protect herself.

Natalie Portman requested an order for removal from a man who would have ensured that he was the character of John Wick.Page Six of the New York Post . The 37-year-old actress wants to protect herself from the person she accused of trying to break into her home on January 31st.

When the man in question was confronted with the police, he would have called himself John Wick, name of the film of the same name in which Keanu Reeves plays a hitman who is back on duty when his puppy is killed. By verifying his identity papers, the authorities were able to discover his true identity. The man who answered only John’s name said he could communicate telepathically and move from Colorado to Los Angeles. In addition to this sidelining of the Oscar winner, the individual is under surveillance for psychological reasons and is not allowed to carry a weapon.

If you want to see the talented Natalie Portman, rather than go through her portal, it’s better to admire her at the cinema. The wife of Benjamin Millepiedand mother of Aleph (8 years old) and Amalia (2 years old) will star in My Life with John F. Donovan , theatrical on March 13th. In this feature film by Xavier Dolan, she plays the mother of a young actor who reveals the correspondence he had with a movie star, ten years after his death.