Actress Rose McGowan assured on Twitter on Monday that she would continue to fight for victims of sexual violence …

“I’ve known Asia Argento for ten months. We have in common the pain of having beenattacked by Harvey Weinstein . My heart is broken. This is the first reaction, on Twitter, of the actress Rose McGowan on the sexual assault that Asia Argento would have committed on Jimmy Bennet , a 17 years old actor at the time of the facts.


The American and Italian had repeatedly expressed their mutual support and friendship since the revelations last fall of the New Yorker about the actions of producer Harvey Weinstein . Both had instantly become figures in the #MeToomovement and the fight against violence against women.

“On behalf of the victims of the whole world”

“I will continue my work on behalf of victims around the world,” added Rose McGowan in her tweet on Monday. The 44-year-old actress, who accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her in 1997, testified in a book, Debout , published in February at HarperCollins.

According to a New York Times article posted online Sunday night, Asia Argento reportedly paid $ 380,000 to Jimmy Bennett, whom she allegedly sexually assaulted in a California hotel room in 2013, in exchange for her silence. This is revealed by documents provided to the newspaper by an anonymous source.