Elton John likes to stay up to date with music. He can really enjoy young artists such as Khalid and Billie Eilish. The artist himself said that in an interview. “You don’t see such a talent often,” it sounds enthusiastically.

According to Elton, who recorded a cover of Khalids Young, Dumb & Broke in 2017, Khalid is “a great writer and a fantastic singer”. “He will be a great artist with a long-term and interesting career,” he tells Complex. The singer of 17-year-old Billie Eilish is also a fan. “You can’t put it in one box. There are no rules. I can’t wait to see her live, because she has something very special. You don’t often see talent like hers. ”

Elton says he gets a weekly overview of all new singles and albums that have been released and then sends someone with a shopping list to the record store. “I have never lost the need to listen and discover new music. It never felt good to just be saturated by what I already know, “says the 72-year-old singer.