The Netflix film Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler has played in nearly 31 million households in the first three days after release. That is a record, says the streaming service on Twitter on Tuesday .

Never before has there been such a massive view of a film in the first weekend after release, according to Netflix. 13.4 million US and Canadian users tuned in to the film, and 17.5 million users in the rest of the world.

The figures were announced by the Twitter account Netflix Is A Joke, an official channel of the streaming service that is specifically intended for their comedy content.

According to Netflix, a viewing turn is only counted if a user has watched at least seventy percent of the film.

Murder Mystery is now expected to break the record of Sandra Bullock’s blockbuster Bird Box for the entire first week. Birdbox attracted 45 million subscribers in the first seven days last December.

Murder Mystery is about a New York police officer who goes on holiday to Europe with his wife to get new life into their marriage. There they are blamed for the death of an eccentric billionaire.

Netflix signed a contract with actor Adam Sandler in 2013 for four films, and in 2017 for another four films.