Orlando Bloom (43) has given up hope to find his missing dog Mighty alive. The actor says that on Instagram. To honor the pet, he has now had a suitable tattoo on his chest. 

Mighty, who was adopted by Orlando Bloom in 2017, disappeared over a week ago. The actor immediately pulled out all the stops to find the dog: a private investigator, detection dogs and a reward of 5,000 dollars (about 4,315 euros) for the finder. But the search has come to an end. “Mighty is now on the other side. After seven days of searching from sunrise to sunset and into the early hours, we found his collar on the seventh day. I cried more this week than I thought possible ”, he writes on social media. “That was a relief.” 

To honor his dog, Orlando had the word ‘Mighty’ tattooed on his chest, with a heart underneath. “I am thankful that I learned from my little Mighty that love is eternal, as is the true meaning of devotion. He was more than a companion. He was a soul mate. I’m sorry, I love you. ” Orlando will soon be able to shift his attention to the arrival of his first daughter. His heavily pregnant girlfriend and singer Katy Perry (35) is due out this summer.