Monica Bellucci is not a heart to take. The actress has found love. Moreover, it is accompanied by her darling she went to the Chanel show, Tuesday, March 5.

Monica Bellucci  is not a heart to take. Like her ex-husband , Vincent Cassel, the actress has made a new life. Indeed, the magazine Here revealed last December that she had found love in the arms of a beautiful thirty . The man in question is none other than an artist named Nicolas Lefebvre.

Discrete about this relationship , Monica Bellucci had confided in confiding our colleagues at Paris Match :

I have always been with the same person for some time and all is well (…) The man whose life I share does not do the same job as me, but he travels a lot. His pace of life allows him to understand mine.

But obviously, Vincent Cassel’s ex decided not to hide anymore. Invited to the parade of the haute-couture fashion house Chanel this Tuesday , March 5 , the actress made a remarkable appearance . Indeed, Monica Bellucci has arrived hand in hand with his dear and tender.

And the least we can say is that the two lovebirds caused a sensation. The photographers present at the event did not fail to immortalize this romantic outing . By the way, Monica Bellucci did not leave her darling of the event. Alongside her artist, she attended the Chanel fashion show.