Moby has apologized via Instagram. The musician admitted in a statement that it was not wise to write in his biography that he ‘had something’ with Natalie Portman twenty years ago, without informing her about it. The actress continues to deny their romance. 

” Now that some time has passed, I realize that many of the criticisms that have come my way about my story about Natalie in Then It Fell Apart (his biography, ed.) Are justified,” Moby writes. “I also acknowledge that it was not thoughtful of me not to inform her in advance, and it is equally inconsiderate of me that I did not fully respect her response.”

He continues: “I admire Nathalie a lot, for her intelligence, creativity and the fact that she is committed to animal rights. I hate that I could have saddled her and her family with misery. I tried to treat everyone with respect, but it was brash not to tell them about my book in advance. That is why I apologize to Natalie, as well as to the other people I wrote about. ”

According to Moby, he had ‘something’ about 20 years ago with Natalie Portman. But according to the actress, nothing of that is true and the singer at the time was ‘a scary older man’. “I was surprised to hear that he describes the very short time that we knew each other as if we were dating. Because in my experience he was an older man who did creepy while I had just graduated from high school, “said the actress. “He said I was 20 at the time, I wasn’t. I just turned 18. He and his publisher have never checked the facts, which feels almost intentional to me. I find it very annoying that he subsequently used this story to sell his book. I would have appreciated it if this passage had been presented to me, because here is simply not true. “

It is true that the two met at the time. “I was a fan of him and went to a concert. When we met backstage afterwards, he said: let’s be friends. He was on tour, I was recording a movie so we’ve only seen each other a few times. Then I realized that he was an older guy who was interested in me in the wrong way. “

Moby has very different memories of the period in question: he claims that Natalie started flirting backstage with him. “I was nervous, so I started to talk a little bit about things. Eventually we would see each other in New York, but even though I tried to be her boyfriend for a few weeks, I was relieved when she called me one evening to say she had met someone else. I wasn’t emotionally ready for a relationship, but luckily I didn’t have to tell her anymore. ”