Militants kill over 20 wedding participants in Nigeria

The wedding took place in the village of Kukum-Daji (Kaduna), according to the newspaper Vanguard . According to the head of the local community, Yashen Titus, the militants were likely from local herding tribes. They came in the evening and opened fire on the participants in the celebration. 19 people died on the spot, two died later in the hospital. The victims were distributed among several medical institutions.

Earlier, on July 20, it was reported that 18 people were killed in an ambush by militants in the state of Katsina in northern Nigeria. All of them were military personnel – 15 soldiers and three officers.

Clashes between Nigerian nomads and farmers over land ownership and access to water resources in Kaduna State increased in early 2020. During the conflict, about 250 people died, 27 thousand people became refugees.