Miley Cyrus (29) releases a live album for the first time. The singer reveals this via social media. “My fans have been asking for a live album for so long and I’m so happy to be able to give it to them now.”

“On the album is the list you compiled”

The album, which was recorded during Miley’s live performance, was created by the singer’s fans. ‘I asked my audience which songs I should play. The album contains the list you have put together.’ On the record you can hear old songs from Miley, covers, new songs, but also unreleased songs. ‚ÄúThis album is for you. I love you.’


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Miley became known for the sitcom Hannah Montana, in which she played the lead role. She broke through as a singer with songs such as 7 Things and The Climb . Recently the singer scored hits with songs like Midnight Sky and Prisoner .