Miley Cyrus (27) is coming with a new album. The American singer announced on social media that her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, will be released on November 27.

“I lost my house, but found myself in the ashes”

The singer reveals that she started the album more than two years ago. But just when she thought she was done, she lost much of the music she was working on when her house burned down in 2018. “Everything was erased, including the relevance of the music,” Miley writes.

Fortunately for the singer, she was able to get some of the music back through employees after the fire. Miley now looks back a lot more positively on the drastic event. “I now understand that nature did me a favor and destroyed for me that I could not let go of myself. I lost my house, but found myself in the ashes.”

The new album Plastic Hearts also contains original songs. Earlier this week it was announced that Miley is working on a cover album with songs from Metallica.