August 29, Michael Jackson could have turned 60 years old; the singer died in 2009 and, surprisingly, after his death he earns more than he earned during his lifetime – even being recognized as the king of pop.

Although for his brilliant career, Michael managed to release many hits – including such songs “for centuries”, like Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Bad, – shortly before his death, Jackson’s debts exceeded half a billion dollars, and his children, according to the singer’s own words, lived “Like tramps.”

Now, the legacy of Michael Jackson annually brings 74 million dollars a year. For example, the annual income from the rights to hits Jackson is almost $ 2.5 million, and the revenue from sales of all sorts of merchandise (T-shirts, souvenirs and the like) is almost $ 19 million per year. Most of the debts left after Jackson’s death have already been paid off.

Even after his death, Michael Jackson remains one of the most popular artists in the world – for example, only in the current year, 2018 Jackson’s clips on YouTube total looked over a billion (!) Times.