In the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” James Safechuck claimed  that Michael Jackson was going to buy wedding rings with him when he was a kid. Jackson is said to have organized a sort of wedding ceremony between them, something that Michael’s entourage always denied.

In images that have emerged from an American shopping center, however, it appears that part of the story is correct. Jackson was spotted shopping for wedding rings with Wade. “I didn’t recognize him at first,” a security guard from the complex told during a news broadcast. “But I asked why he was wearing a disguise and he said he was Michael Jackson. I didn’t believe him, but when he took off his false teeth and took off his wig, I knew for sure: this was the real Michael. He said he wanted to marry Sheryl Cole. ”Cole was one of his background singers at the time.  

“We went to buy rings together,” Safechuck, accusing Jackson of sexual abuse, tells in “Leaving Neverland.” “We lied that we bought them for a woman, but actually they were for us. Michael staged our wedding ceremony to prove our loyalty to each other. We were just a married couple. ”According to Wade, that also meant that the two had sex with each other, even though he himself was a minor. 

The documentary already made a lot of sense, and among other things already ensured that some radio and TV channels would no longer play music from Jackson. The Flemish VRT also says that in the future it will “be more careful” with the use of its music.

James Safechuck in ‘Leaving Neverland’.
The rings that Safechuck got from Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson and Jimmy Safechuck