Bruce Willis

The great career of the 66-year-old actor has come to an end.

In recent years, Bruce Willis has starred in so many “G” films that his famous roles in “Die Hard” or “The Fifth Element” are not remembered so often. The reasons for acting in a bad movie, as it turned out, were the saddest for Willis.

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“Die Hard” turned out to be not so strong, because for several years Bruce has been losing the fight against dementia. It is difficult for Willis to remember even short lines, he is unable to move around the set on his own, which is why an assistant is assigned to him for orientation in space.

Memory loss and impending dementia were the reason why Bruce Willis began acting in obscure films. According to the director of several of them, Matt Escandari, the 90s action movie star simply wants to earn as much money as possible before the moment when dementia finally cuts off his film career, they write in NZherald magazine .