Mel B started a trial against her former lawyer who initially assisted her during her divorce from Stephen Belafonte. The jury member of America’s Got Talent accuses her ex-lawyer Susan Wiesner that she also involved their nanny Lorraine Gilles in this divorce case. This eventually led to Mel B being sued by the nanny for slander.

Mel B and Stephen put a point behind their relationship last year after a ten-year marriage. The singer stated at the time that she had been mistreated for years by her husband. She also claimed that he and their nanny had an affair for years.

According to TMZ, the new lawyer of Mel B filed a lawsuit against Wiesner, because he involved the nanny in the fight separation and also sent excessive bills. This nanny complained to the former Spice Girl for libel, because she believed that there were all lies in the divorce papers that the former Spice Girl had filed with the court.

Mel B found a settlement with Gilles last November, but the defamation would still run. Mel B now makes her former lawyer liable for the damage she incurs if Lorraine Gilles wins the case.