He resigned his royal powers , 38-year-old Meghan Markle ( Meghan Markle) and 35-year-old Prince Harry ( Prince of Harry) have lost financial care of the palace. But even without this, spouses can earn a fortune.

Megan opened up new opportunities , since now she is not required to comply with the protocols. The former wanted to be ready to return to the film industry , and some corporations are eager to take advantage of this.

Representatives of the German brand Biotulin , which produces organic botox , made Markle an impressive offer. They are willing to pay the Duchess of five million dollars , if it is to play in the series ” force majeure”. In this case, she needs to stay on the screen for only five seconds.

Terms of the deal is the fact , that the wife of Prince Harry should ” light up” gel Botox in the frame. Considering the fact , that Megan big fan of the brand , the representatives of the brand thought , that she perform this would be easy , according to OK! .

Michelle Obama , Kate Middleton and Leonardo DiCaprio also use Anti-Wrinkle Biotulin Gel . At one time, Karl Lagerfeld advised the Duchess of Cambridge this beauty remedy.