A spokesperson for the couple has confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soon welcome their second child.

Meghan Markle is expecting her second baby with Prince Harry, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who currently reside in California, are preparing to host a brother or sister for their son Archie, who will turn two in May this year.

A spokesperson for Meghan and Harry said: “We can confirm that Archie will be an older brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to be expecting their second child. “

The couple shared their announcement, aptly on Valentine’s Day, by posting a black and white image of Harry resting his hand on Meghan’s head as she lay on his lap under a tree.

The photograph of the Duke and Duchess was taken by the couple’s old friend, Misan Harriman. What wonderful news for the Sussexes! added his spokesperson.

If born in the United States, the baby will be entitled to US citizenship as an automatic right.

The news comes just months after Meghan, 39, revealed that she lost her second child to a miscarriage in a New York Times article.

It also occurs on the 37th anniversary of when Harry’s mother Princess Diana announced she was pregnant with him, on Valentine’s Day in 1984.

An Australian magazine had already anticipated MEghan’s pregnancy, at the end of last year: