This is not the first step towards Megan – Thomas Markle Jr. has long been trying to improve relations with his half-sister.

Half-brother, Megan Markl, Thomas Markl, Jr., won the Celebrity Boxing Boxing Championship, which took place at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Celebrity Boxing is a competition in which two famous people meet in the ring, and the proceeds from the betting money are then donated to charity. The tournament organizers announced that they donated a thousand dollars to the Wounded Warriors Foundation, which helps veterans and active soldiers.

On the eve of the battle, Thomas’s opponent withdrew from the tournament and was replaced by 34-year-old Tim Kudgisa. During the middle of the second round of the fight, Tim twice hit his brother Megan below the belt – a violation of the rules. Therefore, Thomas became the winner of the battle ahead of time.

During the award ceremony, Thomas gave a speech and referred to the Duchess of Sussex. According to the Daily Mail, Thomas dedicated the victory to Megan Markle and her newborn son, Archie, and added that he was very much waiting for reunion with his sister. He also said that he maintains contact with his father (he is also Megan’s father), Thomas Sr., and, in his words, “everything is fine with him”.

In his conversation with the tabloid, Markl Jr. specified that he had never been homeless : he had only been looking for a new home for several weeks and was temporarily living in a hotel.

Thomas Markle Jr. does not give up trying to make peace with Megan: last Christmas, he sent his sister a “conciliatory” card, expressing his desire to visit her in London and pick up their baby with Prince Harry when he was born. And in January of this year,  Megan invited Prince Harry to his wedding.