The Transformers star isn’t one hundred percent on board with the idea of ​​getting married and having more children right now.

Hollywood star Megan Fox and rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship may be booming, but the couple is not yet ready to take the next step.

A source gave the details about the couple’s plans to get married, revealing that the Transformers star is not one hundred percent on board with the idea of ​​getting married at this time.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, a source revealed: “An engagement could be in the future of Megan Fox and MGK and the same is having children together.”

“MGK definitely wants both, but Megan is a bit hesitant at the moment. Meanwhile, they laugh together constantly and always have a great time, ”said the source.

He added that the musician and actor loves his girlfriend as “he attends to Megan from left to right and is a total gentleman. Megan loves those qualities of him. “

Another source told the outlet that Megan “does not think about getting engaged or getting married, and does not establish a timeline and it is not something that really goes through her head.”