Remember, last year, Thessa Johnson, Valkyrie’s interpreter in Thor: Ragnarok , explained in an interview that she would be delighted to make a 100% female film with her other Marvel Cinematic Universe partners, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson and Zoe Saldana. Kevin Feige was very open to this idea, but it is not yet one of his priorities. The president of Marvel Studios intends, first of all, to devote himself to the integration of new superheroes for phase 4 . Nevertheless, many of them want to see this female Avengers project come to fruition, such as Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-Man and the Wasp . 



Women are taking up more and more space in the MCU: Captain Marvel is coming out next year, the Black Widow solo film has been a director , and Evangeline Lilly has been the lead actress alongside of Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and Wasp . If ever Marvel Studios had the idea to develop, in the future, a feature film with all the heroines, for Peyton Reed, it is Hope van Dyne to lead the women’s team. 

I would like to see the Wasp at the head of this female Avengers. I know that Evangeline said it should be Captain Marvel to take on that role, but I think Hope van Dyne is a very decisive leader and tactician, and a brilliant scientist. 

Indeed, when PopBuzz put the question to the main interested, Evangeline Lilly made it clear that she would love to lead the team, but that status would rather be for Captain Marvel.