After long months of waiting and a state of absolute secrecy around Avengers 4, Marvel finally delighted fans of the film universe MCU with a debut trailer for a superhero blockbuster. Needless to say, the movie was more than intriguing?

Earlier, insiders reported that Marvel was going to use some completely new marketing strategy and promised a “bold” PR campaign. Apparently, this PR campaign should not touch the trailers – except that the waiting for the debut video, it is worth admitting, has been somewhat delayed.

Interestingly, with the debut of the first trailer for Avengers 4, Marvel dragged it almost record-breaking – the trailers of the May blockbusters of the ensemble usually left the studio in November. And in 2014, Marvel released the first trailer for the Age of Ultron 6 weeks earlier than it was going to, because someone had “poured” a low-quality video version into the network. After that, Marvel had no choice but to start up the official trailer, accompanying it with a humorous tweet with the words “Well, damn it, HYDRA.”