Her marriage to Tom Cruise has ensured that Nicole Kidman did not have to deal with sexually inappropriate behavior in the film world in her younger years. That writes the actress in New York Magazine.

The Australian almost never talks about her first marriage, but now does it in the magazine. 

“I married very young and that has protected me .. Being married to an extremely powerful man has saved me from sexual misconduct, even though we married out of love”, says Kidman. 

Kidman: “I worked, but I was hugely shielded, so when it was over on my 32nd or 33rd, it felt a bit like I had to grow up.”

The 51-year-old actress also indicates in the play why she does not talk about her time with Cruise often, with whom she was married for eleven years and adopted two children. “I do not like to mention my marriage to Cruise because it feels disrespectful to my current husband.”

Nicole married in 2016 with country singer Keith Urban. The couple has two daughters together.