The owner of the establishment says that her jaw dropped.

Actor Mark Wahlberg’s brother Donnie recently became a guest at Marshland Restaurant in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He placed an order for $ 35, and at the end left a tip to the waitress Denis Andrews in the amount of $ 2020.

The establishment boasted of Donnie’s generosity on Instagram by posting a photo of his check. “Many thanks to Donnie Wahlberg!” – says the publication. As you can see in the picture, Donnie wrote the hashtag # 2020tipchallenge at the bottom of the check.

Restaurant owner Marty Finch said in a comment to People magazine that Wahlberg visited his establishment more than once and always asked to be served by Denise. “Donnie has been here before and he always asks for Denis. He had the usual order: steak with fried asparagus and poached eggs. She always knows what he wants. This time, after dinner, as usual, he said: “I’m done, the payment is on the table.” Denis did not expect to see such an amount. Donny always leaves her a decent tip though. But this time, her jaw just dropped from their size, ”said Finch.

Donnie’s generosity didn’t end with Denis: after receiving an impressive tip, she shared it with her colleagues. “She was very generous. She gave some of the money to her fellow waiters and the guys in the kitchen. This was very encouraging for all the employees, “said the owner of the restaurant and added that for the past eight months,” it has barely kept its place afloat.”