Fans of Mariah Carey got her album Glitter from 2001 in first place in the album list of iTunes. The ‘lambs’, as faithful followers of the singer, are sometimes called, performed the action #JusticeForGlitter on social media.

Glitter was the soundtrack of the eponymous film with Carey in the lead. The singer gave some interviews in the weeks before the planned release of the record, in which she seemed confused and was briefly admitted to the hospital.

At that time her management reported that she was exhausted, years later Carey announced that a bipolar disorder was diagnosed at that time. Glitter finally came out on 9/11 because of the delay and flopped, like the film, gigantic.

‘Album never got a fair chance’

Fans have maintained for years that the album Glitter never got a chance because of the very badly received film and the date on which the record was released. In honor of Carey’s fifteenth studio album Caution, released on Friday midnight, they called on people to buy the album last week.

That worked: Glitter ‘s sales figures rose by more than 8,000 percent, according to Billboard, making the record the number 1 position in iTunes’s album list.

Carey thanked her ‘lambs’ Thursday on social media for the action. “My fans are the best,” the singer said.