For the first time about the novel by Maria Sharapova and the founder of the auction house Paddle8, specializing in art, Alexander Gilks spoke after the network was taken photos, which they were sealed together at the airport in Los Angeles. Today, on the Internet, a fresh batch of photos of the pair appeared. And the frames were made again in LAX.

Where did the tennis player come from and one of England’s most enviable fiancées – is unknown. However, little is known about their relations at all. Maria and Alexander prefer not to expand on their personal lives, they do not attend social events together, and in their social networks they do not find nice selfies and confessions of love for each other.

Only once Sharapova and Gilks ​​became real newsmakers – in July of this year, all they did was discuss the pictures of celebrities made by the Italian paparazzi. In those photos, Alexander gently kisses his girl’s buttocks. 

Well, the new secular season is gaining momentum, perhaps Maria and Alexander will surprise us, having appeared together at some party or premiere.