A source confirmed to the publication that the singer could no longer trust Alex Rodriguez …

New details are emerging about the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. And according to People magazine, one of the reasons that led the singer and actress to end her engagement to the former baseball player was the fact that she no longer fully trusted him.

Ever since the rumors, and the confirmations, that Alex had spoken privately with a woman, things got tense between them.

People published a story on Wednesday (21) describing that Lopez finally decided to part ways with Rodriguez because she couldn’t ‘trust’ her fiancé anymore.

“He had been very unhappy,” a source told the publication. “And I had no more interest in being with Alex,” he noted.

This source further added that J-Lo ‘insisted’ on the split, even though he wanted to fix things:

“Whether he betrayed her or not doesn’t matter. She will not tolerate that fear in the air between them (…) There are many problems that have not been resolved ”, justifies the informant.

Another source told People that the Covid-19 lockdown also added to the couple’s troubles.

“They both liked spending more time together as a family, but it was difficult to maintain that special glow when they saw each other every day,” he says.