The singer showed a video of her bizarre routine at 03:00 am.

Madonna shared a clip of her unusual routine after her shows, which includes taking an ice bath and drinking a cup of her own urine.

The 61-year-old singer is currently in the middle of her ‘Madame X Tour’, and documented her 3 am ritual for fans on the Instagram site.

“Do we start an ice bath challenge? 41 degrees (5 degrees Celsius) The best treatment for injuries, ”he wrote next to the clip of his training in his hotel bathroom with artist Ahlamalik Williams, before diving into the ice-filled bathroom.

Dressed in a Nike Sports shirt and pants with rubber socks, Madonna wore a round bruise on her right forearm, before lowering her clothes to reveal another bruise on her leg.

After more than a minute of supporting the ice, the singer took off her rubber socks to show the difference in the color of her now red skin.

“That’s so you know how cold it is,” he said, while Ahlamalik was excited: “Much respect.”

Then, the star proceeded to drink a yellow liquid from a cup of white tea after treatment, and added: “It is really good to drink urine after leaving the icy bath.”

It is not the first time that the Justify My Love star has used urine as a medical treatment. He previously admitted urinating on his own feet to avoid athlete’s foot in the past.

The next date of Madonna’s tour is at The Wiltern, in Los Angeles, Tuesday night.