Users share their opinions on the movie “King’s Man: The Beginning” on social networks

Critics who watched Matthew Vaughan’s film “King’s Man: The Beginning” share their thoughts on the feed on social media. This tells Collider.
The spy thriller is based on the Secret Service comic series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbson. The events in the picture unfold during the First World War. It’s a prequel to the other two tapes in the franchise, and tells the story of the creation of the King’s Man spy agency.
The project stars Ralph Fiennes (played by Orlando Oxford – one of the first members of the King’s Man agency), Rhys Ivans (Grigory Rasputin), Djimon Hounsou (Shola), Harris Dickinson (novice agent Konrad) and others.
. “. The film is excellent There are many stunning action and surprises Ralph Fiennes is gorgeous, but Rhys Ifans in the image of Rasputin simply” steal “each frame I liked how Matthew Vaughn weaves in film the real story I will review the class…”, – I was delighted from tape by Stephen Weintraub of Collider.



“I was not a fan of the franchise. I like the first two films and Vaughn’s work in general, but the prequel doesn’t really enrich the mythology of the series. The action is good, but there is not much of it. The story is kind of incoherent. I forgot about this film as soon as he is over, “- disappointed Germaine Lussier, writing for Gizmodo.



“Ralph Fiennes is an action star. Who could have thought of that? A hilarious dynamic thriller with an often idiotic, hilarious disregard for historical facts. Come to the movies for Rhys Ivans’s funny Rasputin, you will stay for a really well-done third act.” by Jeff Zhang, author of The Strange Harbors podcast.


“The film is quite good at intertwining historical facts and the world of the franchise. Sometimes the plot is too convoluted, but there are real surprises: three performances by Tom Hollander and the frantic Rhys Ivans as Rasputin. Well, what more do you want?” – says Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy.