Health problems delay her return

Celine Dion must postpone her return on stage because of a disorder in the middle ear. This rare condition is not considered dangerous.


The singer, who was due to resume her residency in Las Vegas next week after a two-month break, announced that she was canceling all her concerts until April 18th.

In a statement, we learn that Celine Dion suffers from a condition known as the Eustachian tube Patulous, or tubal bite. This disorder causes him “auditory irregularities and makes singing extremely difficult”.

“Until now, Céline had managed to relieve her symptoms through various treatments in the form of drops. But in recent weeks, these treatments are no longer effective, forcing Céline to undergo minimally invasive surgery, “the statement said.

” I apologize “

The performer, who was scheduled to celebrate his 50th birthday on stage on Friday, March 30, plans to fire the boards of the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on May 22, forcing the cancellation of 14 performances.

“Luck has not been on my side lately … I could not wait to get back on stage and now I’m still sick. I apologize to all those who planned a trip to Las Vegas to see my show. I know how disappointing it is. I am extremely sorry, “she said.

Rare, but not dangerous

The tubal gap Celine Dion suffers from is not a common problem, says Dr. Tamara Mijovic, Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the McGill University Health Center in Montreal. This disorder affects the Eustachian tube, which provides the connection between the nose and ears. “It’s not dangerous, but it’s very, very disturbing,” says the otology specialist.

Dr. Mijovic is not surprised to learn that Celine Dion has canceled all her concerts in April after undergoing surgery. “People take an average of one month to recover,” she says.

In all likelihood, these health problems should not disrupt his summer tour, scheduled to begin June 26 in Tokyo, Japan. During this series of 22 shows, she will also visit China, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

This is not the first concert Celine Dion canceled in 2018. In January, under the doctor’s orders, she canceled several performances due to a throat infection. In November, some concerts were torpedoed because she suffered back spasms.


Tubal open bite is a rare disease that affects the Eustachian tube, which provides the connection between the nose and ears. Instead of being closed, it opens involuntarily intermittently, like when you’re yawning, says Dr. Tamara Mijovic of the McGill University Health Center in Montreal.

“Normally, the Eustachian tube is closed, which prevents us from hearing our breathing or any sound inside. But when she’s open, you hear her breathing all the time, much like Darth Vader in Star Wars. We also hear his own voice, which sounds like a barrel. That’s probably what disturbs Céline Dion most when she sings, “says the otology specialist.