The body of actress Naya Rivera has not yet been located after she disappeared in that lake last Wednesday …

According to the TMZ site, searches for the body of Naya Rivera continue in the waters of Lake Piru, in Ventura, California, and now, in the face of the new tragedy there, residents have demanded more protection for swimmers whose lives are at risk.

More than 12,000 local people have already signed a petition demanding more effective warnings for swimmers unaware that the lake’s waters are dangerous, because the lake’s visibility is low, between 12 and 23 centimeters only, because the lake, which is not natural , It has strong currents, making swimming difficult, not to mention that there are trees and other debris at the bottom, in which a swimmer can easily get entangled.

According to the publication, the petition says: “[…] people have been asking the city for years to put up warning signs for swimmers. Ventura County residents don’t go to Piru Lake for that reason! Tourists have no idea where they are going. Piru Lake needs signs. We are tired of waiting. We need justice for all those who lost their lives in it. ”

There are some marked swimming areas for those who jump from the beach, but people in boats do not seem to receive adequate warnings.

“It is dangerous, because almost everyone in a boat in the middle of a hot summer day will want to go into the water to cool off.”

In addition, Lake Piru does not have many lifeguards, and swimmers are told that “they are in a dangerous recreational activity and that they do so at their own risk,” according to their policy.