Lisa sang with the multi-award-winning artist the song Smelly Cat, from her character Phoebe Buffay.

Lisa Kudrow told Ellen DeGeneres during her talk show appearance this week that she almost cried during her performance with Lady Gaga on the TV special ‘Friends: The Reunion’, where she sang the song Smelly Cat, from her character, with the artist. Phoebe Buffay.

Lisa duet with Gaga and the singer took the opportunity to thank the actress for her portrayal of Phoebe, stating that her quirky character was an inspiration to ‘misfits’ like her when the show aired from 1994 to 2004.

“Thank you very much for being the person for all of us on ‘Friends’ that she was, I don’t know if this is the correct way to put it, but the different person, or the one who was really herself,” she said.

Kudrow confessed that the comment ‘really almost made her cry’ as Gaga’s music was a huge inspiration to her son, Julian.

“She was a huge inspiration to my son… he was in elementary school, all the kids listened to Lady Gaga, and her whole message was: ‘be yourself and just be you.’ That was incredible, ”she commented excitedly.