As the mother of 32-year-old Lindsay Lohan Dina told , the actress has a new boyfriend. She categorically forbidden to disclose his name, so Dina was able to report only that her daughter’s new elect came from Switzerland, and hinted that he was not a poor man. She also clarified that he now lives in the Emirates, where Lindsey has been spending most of the year lately. And Lohan, not having time to properly know his new boyfriend, is already making very serious plans for him.

It seems that the star does not draw any conclusions from previous mistakes: a couple of years have not passed since its dramatic separation from the millionaire’s son, Egor Tarbasov. Recall Lindsay’s relationship with Yegor, whom she was going to marry, ended in a terrible scandal. Lohan said then that Tarabasov had cheated on her, and when she gave him a scene, he tried to strangle her . Later, Lindsay accused the young man also in repeated beatings.

Compared to him, her next boyfriend, the Greek restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiu, was just an angel. But Lohan didn’t succeed in a long-term affair with him. But Papageorgiu became her business partner, and now, while she lives in the Emirates, he runs a business in Greece – she owns the Lohan Beach House resort. Time will tell what her new romance with the Swiss boyfriend will lead to.