The 29-year-old actress interviewed Entertainment Tonight about her dreams and plans.

Lily Collins in 2009, The Blind Side, within the framework of the film, entitled already had occasion to work with Sandra Bullock, her colleagues and has grown so much in the heart of that role would be happy with him again.

I really want to play a comedy with Sandy. I’m available! Say anything about it, I’m in it!

“Said Lily, who was standing next to Sandra when her colleague lost her beloved father John a few months ago.

I really love Sandy.

Nevertheless, Lily has another great dream, namely that she wants to work together with her protagonist, Meryl Streep at age 30.

“I do not think that by the end of March I will be able to compete with Meryl Streep. I do not think this is possible, so I will move my dream to my next 30-year list. In any case, I feel very lucky about where I go and where I go, and hopefully my 30th birthday will be something that I will remember by the end of my life. I’ve been looking forward to getting to a new stage because I feel I have many things to live in life”.