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Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has spoken out harshly about stars who set a bad example for their fans and go hungry in order to show off this or that dress on the red carpet. In a story on her instagram*, the actress criticized Kim Kardashian ‘s interview for Vogue at the Met Gala , in which the reality star spoke in detail about a strict diet and exhausting workouts for Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

Last weekend, Kardashian became the star of the ball after she stepped onto the red carpet in the same dress in which Monroe sang the song Happy birthday, Mr. President John Kennedy. The dress cost Kim $5 million to rent, and in order to wear it, she had to lose a lot of weight. So, Kim Kardashian admitted that she completely refused carbohydrates, wore a sauna suit and ran on a treadmill. As a result, she managed to lose seven kilograms in three weeks.
Kim Kardashian at Met Gala

Lili Reinhart was outraged by the act of Kim and other celebrities who are ready for such sacrifices for the perfect image on the red carpet.
Walk the red carpet and be interviewed about how hungry you are because you haven’t eaten carbs for a month… All for the sake of fitting into a damn dress?

It’s wrong to openly admit that you starved yourself for the Met Gala when you know perfectly well that millions of young women and men are looking at you and listening to your every word.
Reinhart addressed her fans and urged them to support body positivity.

In return of tweets posted by Kim and other people she retweeted and explained about her worlds

Please stop supporting these stupid stars whose whole image revolves around their bodies. I’m not really an angry person, but the toxicity of this industry sometimes gets me so worked up that I have to speak up on Instagram* to deal with my anger.
Recall that Lili Reinhart actively supports body positivity and often speaks out on this topic in social networks. The actress herself previously admitted that she had complexes because of the figure, because of which she felt insecure on the set during the filming of explicit scenes.