The musician publicly showed the tenderness he felt for his beloved woman.

Just one act of Colson Baker made Megan Fox fans love him even more. After a joint appearance at the Billboard Music Awards, a lot of attention has been riveted on this non-standard couple: even those who were indifferent to Megan before that began to follow almost every step of young people.

The other day, the audience had a chance to witness a touching scene. The rock musician did not come to the Indy 500 Weekend performance alone: ​​Megan accompanied his every step. In a certain loss of the next song, Baker could not resist and gave Fox the opportunity to share a moment of glory with him. Coulson took Megan by the hand onto the stage, and then began to look into her eyes with particular tenderness.

At some point, Baker remembered that he was holding a lit cigarette in his mouth. In order not to poison his soul mate with poisonous vapors, the rapper took her out of his mouth.

All these gestures could not be ignored. Fans rejoiced first at the event itself, and then on social networks.

“I dream of the same fairy tale”, “God, how touching it is”, “Beautiful, simply amazing”, “They are so intoxicatingly charming”, “Megan stood behind him all evening, like a guardian angel,” the witnesses shared their thoughts that evening.