Like every year, we can expect LG to come up with a lot of high-tech products at the next CES 2019, but one thing is certain, LG will take advantage of CES to present its roll-up TVs.

The Engadget site was able to get hold of certain documents, which revealed the leak. LG will present roll-up OLED TVs . However, do not expect to put one in your living room before 2020. However, the latter are spectacular, to say the least, with a 65-inch 4-inch OLED display. The roll-up screen slides into a box 20 cm deep, to make the TV disappear.

Roll-up TV, roll-up smartphone, LG makes great promises for CES 2019

On the other hand, to buy this kind of televisions, it will heat up the credit card, because when we know that LG’s current 65-inch OLED TV is marketed at 8000 euros, we imagine that a screen rollable hose will cost at least double …

Obviously, For LG, the CES 2019 will be “rollable” or will not be! It seems that in addition to TVs, the brand will also launch a smartphone, as can be seen on this tweet.

On this tweet, we can read that the always very well informed, Evan Blass writes:

” I can not say anything about Samsung … “, adding: ” … but I know that LG is planning to introduce a floppy phone during its CES CES CES CES CES Conference .” Personally, we are already looking forward to seeing all this.