LOS ANGELES – The Belgian climate truants get support from an unexpected corner: none other than Leonardo DiCaprio writes on Instagram about the demonstrations.┬áHe places a series of photos of the actions.

” Thousands of Belgian teenagers participated on Thursday in a student strike against climate change ”, writes the Oscar winner. ” Three thousand academics and scientists support the actions and say that the protesters are absolutely right. ”

Belgian students have been on the streets for weeks on Thursdays. At the peak, the protests in Brussels attracted 35,000 truant pupils. Last week there were 12,500, but on the other hand, separate actions were taken in various other Belgian cities. A climate march in which not only students participated, attracted 70,000 protesters.

Committed activist

DiCaprio has been fighting against climate change for a long time. In December it became known that the charity of the 44-year-old actor has already raised 100 million dollars since 1998. In 2014 DiCaprio also became UN peace ambassador, with climate change as a special point of attention.

The message from DiCaprio has also been noticed in Belgium, it seems. There are many Belgian flags between the reactions to Instagram.