Only recently, insiders reported to the media that, perhaps, 44-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio will soon legalize relations with 22-year-old Camila Morrone. After his lover answered a barrage of criticism, the actor took her with him to rest in Italy, where the paparazzi caught a couple.

While the rest of the stars take sunbaths or swim in the open sea, Leonardo DiCaprio, in company with Camila Morrone, relax in the jacuzzi aboard a luxury yacht. The other day, the actor finished the promotional tour of his new film “Once … in Hollywood”, visiting several countries in a short time. Having completed the mandatory program in Rome, Leonardo went on a well-deserved rest in Positano. The photo shows that he had a good time with his lover and the phone, with which he did not part even in the jacuzzi.

While DiCaprio relaxes, his fans remain in suspense. A couple of weeks ago, the media spread a rumor that the actor is finally ready to settle down and his chosen one is Morrone. Some fans took the news positively, glad that the DiCaprio clan would get continued, the second sent Kamila anger on her Instagram, and the third was skeptical about the rumors. Users recalled the infographic, which proved by examples that the star of the Island of the Damned never meets women over 15 years old.