Lawyer José Baez has asked a judge in Manhattan to release him from the defense of film producer Harvey Weinstein, Page Six reports .

According to the lawyer, the relationship between him and Weinstein is so bad that they have only been communicating through other lawyers for a month.

“Mr. Weinstein’s behavior makes his representation unreasonably difficult to implement. We have fundamental differences of opinion in some areas,” Baez wrote in a letter.

They would also argue about the financial compensation that Weinstein promised the lawyer and the film producer would all too often speak to other legal advisers without his knowledge. “That is why both parties benefit most from withdrawing my practice from this case,” said Baez.

In January, Weinstein also said goodbye to the predecessor of Baez, the lawyer Benjamin Brafman. According to the fallen film boss and the lawyer, that decision was taken on a “friendly” basis.

Weinstein is accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to rape. The 67-year-old former film producer denies in all cases that it was about forced sex.