The Colombian businessman is accused of committing millionaire fraud to a group of people who entrusted him with their money.

Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde’s husband, has been arrested by the FBI for millionaire fraud.

According to the Suelta la Sopa program, the businessman was arrested for defrauding more than 200 victims of US $ 22 million.

The Colombian has also been sued by the singer Alejandra Guzmán, his former managers and others for having breached a contract between the plaintiffs and a company owned by him.

Ninel Conde has come out to clarify that the relationship she has with him is personal and not a business association.

“It is valid to make it clear that the personal relationship between them was never linked to any business or other company, as some have wanted to imply by giving a more yellow tint to the note,” reads the document published by the Conde representative.