The dress that Lady Gaga wore in January for the Golden Globes presentation is currently being offered for sale through Nate D. Sanders Auctions. You can bid from as little as $ 8,000 (around $ 7,000) . Only now it appears that the dress should never have ended up at the auction house. This is reported by Page Six.

According to Sara Corea, a staff member of the Beverly Hilton hotel, the Valentino dress was ‘left’ there by the star himself. The Golden Globes took place in the hotel in question and Corea claims to have taken the dress to the found objects after she found the item of clothing in Gaga’s hotel room. According to her, nobody showed up for months to pick up the dress and she was finally allowed to keep the item of clothing. Then Sara would have decided to have the dress auctioned.

A spokesperson for the hotel said that Gaga’s dress was not stolen and that it was never intended that the piece would end up at an auction house. “We are currently investigating what exactly happened, but let’s say that there is no question of theft. We work together with several parties to get the dress back to the right person. “