You know, it ought to thoroughly be a standard that jeans don’t need to be a necessary garment to be all over town in the city. Why? Gracious, IDK, in light of the fact that Lady Gaga practically did as much—well, that is if her ongoing dates with her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, are any pointer. Simply a week ago, Gaga was spotted getting espresso with her boyfriend, wearing only a curiously large pink crewneck sweater, a white face mask (security first, kiddos), and coordinating pink and white tennis shoes. What’s more, shock—there were not a single jeans or shorts in sight. Furthermore, presently, Gaga’s back at it once more!

Gaga and Michael were seen in Malibu while they were coming out of resturant after geting thier takeaway, and this time again Gaga had no pant’s visible. Instead Lady Gaga compromised only with putting on grey top with pink crewneck although the top was bit oversized to cover some of the body parts which are normally covered with jeans or pants, she was also having a pink metallic face mask. Where as Michael kept things pretty simple with a hoodie and jeans.